Down Under Essentials: Top Apps to Smooth Your Aussie Adventure

Moving to a new state and experiencing diverse cultures is always a life-changing experience. Whether you are planning it for your career or to upgrade your living standards, it requires a lot of hard work and courage to do. But it is always a worth-experiencing adventure.  If you are planning to switch and looking for options for which country to choose, Australia is your answer due to its career opportunities and healthy cultural lifestyle.

You may wonder why.  Australia is one of the high-ranked countries with a high living standard. It provides immigrants with the best services and provides peace of life. However, if you are planning to move, you must look for recommendations to settle into a peaceful life. As a new Aussie immigrant, you may require some suggestions and tips to make your life easy and exciting.

Let’s find some essential apps in this guide that you must download on your phone to ease your life in a new country. These apps will sort you out for your every need. Download the below apps and fully enjoy a new experience.

The Apps to Easen Your Life as an Australian Citizen

Various types of apps in the digital realm have made our lives much more relaxing. We can now do everything by just clicking with our mobile phone devices. Australia is busy, so you don’t have much time to do everything alone.

So, the apps we mention below will make your life easy and give you free time to enjoy.

Streaming App

Before moving to a new country, you should sign up for the streaming app to enjoy your time alone. With the right streaming apps, you can enjoy your favorite movies without boredom. The popular streaming platforms are only restricted to specific regions, and you need a strong VPN connection to make it accessible. 

Do you know about the best streaming services that are famous worldwide? Streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, Disney Plus, and Netflix are the world’s famous OTT platforms that are the most trusted, offering great content. But you can’t access these apps in Australia due to geo-restrictions. However, you can unblock it with Australia VPN and make your life much more interesting.


If you are newly moved to Australia, you may require an app to access government services. However, download the myGovID app and get access to government services like the taxation office and Australian JobSearch.

Moreover, you must scan all your documents to prove your identity as an Australian immigrant. It is the official government app, and you must verify your identity with face verification. However, this is the must-have app to help you solve your legal matters.


The first thing that comes to mind when we move to a new state is how to commute. Look for any reliable transportation app to help you move and provide the best routes. Moovit is Australia’s trusted app with all the public transportation options.

However, this app will solve all your transport-related issues, and you can roam around without worrying. Additionally, it is available in almost all the major cities in Australia. You will get notified of all the updates regarding transport.

Moovit also provides live GPS options with all the updates if the transport is delayed. It also shows you what transport is coming next and at what time. So, it is a must-have app to download on your phone.

Who can forget about food as it is the basic necessity of life? This is another essential thing you need is a food delivery service. Australia has a busy life, and you don’t have to prepare dinner for yourself.

However, Menulog is the best food delivery service where you can order your favorite food. The app offers diverse food like pizza, burgers, barbecue, and more. So, you must download the app and start ordering the best food with a very limited delivery time. 


After moving to a new state, another thing that comes to mind is how to send money to your loved ones back home. You may require an app that helps you send or receive money from your loved ones.

Remitly is the best-trusted app that provides the best financial assistance. You just need to download the Remitly app and transfer money with a few clicks. However, you can send money to direct accounts, and you can choose other options too. So, quickly download Remitly on your phone and send money to your family by following the simple steps.

Bank Australia App

Besides the other apps, you need a bank app to simplify your life. You can quickly check your balance and make payments with this app. However, the Bank Australia app is the best to download and ease payment issues. Moreover, you can pay your bills and other payments by downloading the app.

Wrapping Up

Thus, although moving to a new location can be difficult, it can also be an exciting experience if you go to a place like Australia. With the above-mentioned apps, you can improve your quality of life while living in Australia.

Australia offers the highest living standards, making it one of the greatest places in the world to relocate. Download the above apps to simplify your life. Remember to register for the streaming service if you want to enjoy some quality time binge-watching your favorite series.

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