7 New Grooming Trends Pet Groomers Can Jump Onto in 2024

As pet grooming keeps changing, so are the styles that appeal to pet owners who want the best for their pet friends. 2024 will see pet groomers investigating cutting-edge methods to pamper animals while staying up to date with fashion. 

Expressing Pet’s Personality Through Unique Color

Pet grooming trends
Pet grooming trends

Adding vibrant hues to a pet’s fur with pet-safe dyes is becoming popular in the pet grooming trends. Pet owners are increasingly using unusual and transient color changes to convey their pet’s personality, from soft pastels to striking neons. In order to satisfy pet owners who want to make a big statement, groomers can provide a variety of colors and styles.

Environmentally Friendly Grooming Supplies

With a growing focus on sustainability, pet groomers are leaning towards eco-friendly grooming products.This includes natural and biodegradable components used in shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products. In 2024, groomers can follow the trend of eco-conscious pet owners who are looking for pet groomers services that reflect their values by switching to sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Asian Fusion Pet Grooming Styles

The Asian fusion style is becoming increasingly popular in the pet grooming industry, and it is inspired by Asian grooming techniques. This trend involves combining traditional grooming styles with a modern and creative twist. Stylish cuts, elaborate patterns, and creative grooming are popular techniques of Asian Fusion Grooming Styles. Pet groomers can attend specialized workshops to learn these techniques and offer unique styles that set them apart in the industry.

Making Grooming Sessions a Therapeutic Experience

Wellness grooming and pet care is becoming more and more popular as pet parents are becoming more health-conscious. This includes enhancing grooming sessions with components like aromatherapy, massage, and even calming music. In addition to the aesthetics, groomers are trying to give pets a peaceful and enjoyable experience. Because of this holistic strategy, grooming sessions are fun and relaxing for pet owners and foster general well-being.

Technology Infused Grooming Services

Pet groomers
Pet groomers

Technology is making its mark on the pet care and grooming industry with innovative tools and services. Modern grooming tools like smart clippers, digital pet health monitoring, and even virtual reality grooming experiences are available for groomers to use. For pet owners who are tech lovers, computer-infused grooming services offer a futuristic and captivating experience.

Breed-Specific Grooming

Pet groomers in Chicago are developing their expertise in specific breed types as the variety of dog breeds rises. Every breed is different in terms of coat textures and grooming needs, and stylists are now able to create styles that highlight a particular dog’s natural beauty. To meet the rising demand for breed-specific grooming, groomers are specializing in everything from Poodle cuts to Shih Tzu trims.

Pet Fashion

Pet fashion is also becoming popular with pet grooming trends. Groomers can extend their services by offering stylish accessories, such as bandanas, bows, and even specially designed pet clothing. Pet owners can highlight their pets’ personality and make a style statement by matching their grooming style with fashion accessories. This trend not only adds flair to grooming sessions but also opens up new avenues for retail within grooming salons.


In 2024, grooming isn’t just about hygiene; it’s also a creative industry. Pet groomers in Chicago can stay ahead by exploring new trends, offering diverse services. From colors to eco-friendly practices, adapting to trends attracts fashion-conscious pet owners.

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