How to Create an Incredible User Experience for Your WooCommerce Store?

Do you know that over 30% of e-commerce businesses lose out due to bad user experience? If your online store is not designed keeping in mind the requirements, preferences, expectations, and behavior of customers, they will not purchase from your website. It is not just the superficial design that impacts the UX of the site but the structure and the interface that caters to the users.

Due to numerous options in online retail, customers too get the opportunity to switch from one store to another to make their shopping journey enjoyable. To prioritize the users’ preferences and to make sure that customers feel drawn to your store, get WooCommerce developers for hire. They are better equipped to develop sites that encourage repeat customers and enhance conversion rates.

Check below to know how to improve the user experience of your WooCommerce store.

  1. Enhance the page load speed

By now, you are pretty aware that the UX of your site may suffer needlessly if your shopping speed site is slow. As most users today browse shopping sites on the go, you must develop a mobile-friendly site that is not slow-moving at all, especially since net-savvy customers will never wait for long to view the products when your website speed is slow and sluggish. A professional WooCommerce development servicemay use compression to improve the user experience and apply it to both the CSS and the product images based on the theme. Alongside, your website must have the best web hosting provider of the page speed is perennially slow.

  • Streamline navigation

Step into the shoppers’ shoes to realize how you want the navigation of your WooCommerce store to improve for a seamless shopping experience. On the contrary, try to envisage how frustrated you are likely to feel when you shop online and realize that you don’t have the list of products that you are keen to purchase. That way, you will probably discard that site and switch to another. The best route of escape to prevent your customers from feeling frustrated is to streamline the site’s structure so that they can locate the products easily.

  • Making the important elements attention-grabbing

You surely want to draw your customers’ attention and the easiest way to go about doing it is by making the important elements visible. What are these elements? The social media icons, the images of various products listed on the site, and the CTA buttons. Alternatively, you can figure out what your customers consider most important and easily visible on the WooCommerce store and instruct the developers to streamline the site. Looking forward to hiring dedicated WooCommerce developers who may work part-time or full-time to deliver a website depending on your preferences?  Digital Concepts should be your go-to solution to customize the online store, comprising a perfect balance of design and functionality.

  • Don’t miss the interface

Unless you know that your site’s interface is active and satisfactory, you won’t fulfill the expectations of your visitors. Moreover, a bad interface may dampen the sales prospects as well. Whether you have an established business or have just launched your site, failing to make significant changes on the website may badly hit the purpose of your WooCommerce store. Working with an offshore web development company will allow you to make the UX of your online store satisfactory without investing a great deal of time and effort.

  • Improve the checkout process

Studies show that over 50% of online shoppers need the checkout page to offer several payment methods. As the checkout process is the ultimate phase of transactions in your WooCommerce store, make sure shoppers don’t leave you at this stage. Here is how to make the checkout process simple:

  • Try to make the CTA clear and concise and tell the customers what exactly they should be doing
  • Don’t force the prospects to create an account on your shopping site before they place the order.
  • The checkout fields must never be complicated
  • Don’t diver shoppers to another site for making the payments
  • Prioritize search

You can retain your customers and keep them coming back to your site for a long when they can find products on your site more easily. Make sure the developers you hire use the best search plugin to get a variety of interesting options.

The user experience of your WooCommerce store may make or mar your online shopping store. Don’t you want to provide your customers with the best experience? Change the user experience for the better and expect customer loyalty to rev up with ease. Gradually, you will find your site improving and conversion rates soaring higher, and making a difference to your bottom line.

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